Analyze examples from the film to support your argumentation. Be thorough in your analysis.

LENGTH: 4-6 pages

For your final paper, please select one question. Write an essay that develops your answer. You may select any question. If you select the question that your group discussed for your final statement, use the group discussion only as a starting point, but develop your own argumentation. Make sure you include the formal analysis of at least one scene from the film(s) referenced in the question.

Final Essay Questions

  1. Considering the film Smoke, discuss the intersections between the themes of parents and children, race and gender in regards to the idea of patriarchy, traditional family, and systemic race relations. Analyze examples from the film to support your argumentation. Be thorough in your analysis.
  2. Discuss the differences and parallels between the representations of masculinity and femininity in the films Smoke and All About my Mother. What are the ideological propositions of the films regarding gender relations? Use specific examples from the films to support your argumentation.
  3. Explain how the notions of national and transnational cinemas intersect in the films All About my Mother and Babel. Provide textual (film analysis) and extratextual evidence (i.e., critical reviews, production and distribution information, reference to different cultural formations, director’s information, etc.) of the ways each one of the films can be framed within these two paradigms.
  4. Considering the notions of borders and interconnectedness in Babel, discuss ways in which the film conveys some of the social and human consequences of globalization. Use formal analysis of specific moments in the film for your discussion. Provide a well-thought out and thorough analysis.

Please give your paper a title that corresponds with your selected topic. Make sure you cite your sources and include a full bibliography. You may use any of the style manuals (i.e. Chicago, MLA, Harvard) but be consistent. All submissions should be typed and double-spaced using no larger than 12-point font with 1-inch margins and correct spelling and grammar. Please submit your paper in Word format.


On Writing Papers: Policies, Advice and Rubric


  1. University-level work must always be typed. When formatting your papers (e.g. setting margins, creating title page, numbering pages, writing footnotes, compiling a bibliography, etc…), follow the guidelines of the MLA , the Chicago or any other academic manual of style. But make sure you are consistent with the one you select.
  2. Papers should be double-spaced, and with 1-inch margins all around. Italicize or underline film, television program, book and journal titles. Titles of articles or chapters from a book are placed in quotation marks.
  3. When referring to a film for the first time, include director’s name and year of production. If a television program, include network where the program aired and years in which it was broadcast.
  4. Citing another person’s ideas is valid. However, all material directly quoted from sources must be appropriately cited. Papers that quote without citing sources do not fulfill the assignment. You basically need to: a) Place quotation marks around words and sentences directly quoted and, b) Give credit for ideas you have quoted or paraphrased from an original source by including the author’s name and page number from the original source.
  5. A bibliography must be included—that is, all the works you have actually cited in your work—and it should be located at the end of your paper. Citations should be arranged alphabetically by author or by title if there is no author. Online sources should also be included.
  6. Take responsibility for your work. Extensions are not granted unless there is a documented illness or family emergency that justifies them.


  1. Ideally, you should have a thesis—a one or two-sentence summation of your argument—firmly in mind as you write. Structure your essay: begin your paper with your thesis, in a paragraph or so, and then develop that position throughout your paper, using examples from articles and audiovisual material to support your argument.
  2. Keep in mind the length of your paper. Hence, when considering your topic choose one that is not too general or specific. Once you have chosen a general subject for your paper, find a specific angle from which to approach your topic. This angle will form the basis of your argument.


Rubric for Grading Papers

• An “A” designates work of extraordinarily high quality that consists of unusual thoroughness and comprehension, cogency and clarity in the development of ideas, and critical reflection and conceptual sophistication. Written work should be well organized, clearly argued and free of serious grammatical, spelling and syntactical errors.

• A “B” designates work of high quality regarding the organization and development of ideas. Work substantively addresses the main issues/topics/questions of the assignments. Writing is relatively well organized and free of serious grammatical and spelling as well as syntactical errors.

• A “C” designates work that minimally meets acceptable requirements as stated in guidelines for assignments. Written work is not well organized, ideas are less clearly stated, and there will be several grammatical, spelling and syntactical errors. Work may only address a part of the assignment.

• A “D” designates work that does not meet minimum acceptable requirements of the assignment(s). Work is very poorly written in terms of organization and development of ideas and in terms of grammar, spelling and syntax.

• An “F” designates a work that is largely unresponsive to the assignment. There is no main thesis, the connections between ideas are confusing or not present.

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