An Argument for Trump’s Impeachment

Wu, Nicholas. “Joe Biden, for the First Time, Calls for Trump’s Impeachment.” USA Today,
Gannett Satellite Information Network, 9 Oct. 2019,
For the first time Joe Biden calls for Trump’s impeachment, stating “The United States
cannot afford to have a president who will abuse whatever power available to them to get
reelected.” Biden is referring to Trump’s call with the Ukrainian government to
investigate Biden and to explore the allegations about Ukraines role in the 2016 election.
The article is provided by USA Today reporter Nicholas Wu, who went to Princeton
University where he majored in Public and International Affairs. This article is relevant to
my argument because Joe Biden has seen most things that go on in the White House
especially after being Vice President for 8 years and now running for office himself.
Smith, David. “Pelosi Hits Back over Letter and Warns Trump: ‘You Will Be Held Accountable’.”
The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 9 Oct. 2019,
Nancy Pelosi sent a missive to the White House saying that the Democratic Party is
starting an investigation into Trump’s possible impeachment. Furthermore, the article
talks about the White House’s response “Given that your inquiry any legitimate
constitutional foundations, any pretense of fairness, or even the most elementary due
process protections, the executive branch cannot be expected to participate in it.” It is
relevant because an entire political party is trying to impeach the president meaning that
there is a movement of people trying to make sure he is not reelected.
Blanton, Dana. “Fox News Poll: Record Support for Trump Impeachment.” Fox News, FOX

News Network, 9 Oct. 2019,

FOX News sent out a poll in July to see if voters supported Trump’s impeachment, 42%
said they wanted him impeached and removed, however in recent months it has gone up
to 51%. Since the first poll in July the amount of Democrats went up 11 points in wanting
Trump impeached, Republicans went up 5 points and Independents went up 3. This poll
created by FOX News shows that not only do Democratic voters want Trump impeached
but also, Republicans wish to see Trump out of office which provides incite into the
average Americans mindset.

Gerhardt, Michael J. “The Special Constitutional Structure of the Federal Impeachment Process.”
Law and Contemporary Problems, vol. 63, no. 1/2, 2000, pp. 245–256. JSTOR,
stable/1192451. FIU Library
According to scholarly article “The Special Constitutional Structure of the Federal
Impeachment Process”, Congress are pragmatists more than formalists because they are
expected to resolve issues by practical means. From the political accountability of the
representatives from Congress, makes certain that the representative formulate pragmatic
judgement defers to the understanding to the extent of their political circumstances and
calculations. This journal article is from the FIU Library, its written by Michael J.
Gerhardt who is a Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of North Carolina
School of Law in Chapel Hill. This journal article helps with my arguments because it
talks about how Congress goes about the impeachment process; they also mentions what
happened with Clinton’s impeachment.
Cornelison, Pam, and Ted Yanak. The Great American History Fact-Finder: the Who, What,
Where, When, and Why of American History. Houghton Mifflin Co., 2004. FIU Library
In 1999, Bill Clinton was charged with obstruction of justice because there was evidence
of Clinton having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky and went on TV saying “ I did
not have sexual relations with that woman.” While the allegations of Stormy Daniels are
not confirmed both of these situations are similar and could therefore lead Trump into a
corner much like Bill Clinton. If he continues down this path, it seems more than likely
he will face a trial and be impeached.
Wallbank, Derek. “Justin Amash, House Republican Trump Critic, Quitting the GOP .”, Bloomberg, 4 July 2019,
amash-house-republican-trump-critic-quitting-the-gop. FIU Library

Justin Amash, who was the co-founder of House Freedom Caucus, is the only House
Republican to openly support Trump’s impeachment investigation. Amash has announced that he
will quit the Republican party after it has become “disenchanted with party politics and
frightened by what I see from it.” Amash sees that the republican party especially Donald Trump
is behaving and performing impeachable acts and no longer wishes to be associated with the
Republican Party. A lot of democratic politicians are in support of Trumps impeachment but it is
virtually impossible to find someone credible within the Republican party who also supports the
impeachment. With his support for the impeachment announced, there is officially a Republican
side to the impeachment as well.

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